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By: aditikd.3 | April 14, 2013

I love the idea of fairy houses. As a child growing up my grandma gave me some nice small furniture, I held on it for a long time to do something with it but really couldn't come up with anything. Until one day got an idea of doing this small little house for fairies. Truely you don't need anything for it just the things you have collected over the years, or you can start collecting things right now. 

All you need for the project is- 

  • Few twigs, 
  • stems,
  • sticks 
  • few stones, 
  • shells, 
  • pine cones 
  • moss, 
  • wooden slices or bark sheets

All in different sizes you can get. just remember fairies love nature so try not to hurt any trees use only that has fallen down or dried.I started my project from ...

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